Batting for the Future

Cricket Coaching Mat - Features

The cricket coaching mat is engineered from durable artificial grass. It measures 2m by 1.4m which is equivalent to a batsman’s space when at the wicket.The mat has 39 holes drilled into along 9 different lines, 4 on the off side 4 on the leg and one on middle stump.

4 arcs of holes allow you to play back foot shots, front foot shots (catering for small and longer strides) and moving down the wicket shots.

Flexible yet durable tubes of 5 varying heights are inserted from below into one of the holes. These represent the bounce or length of the ball. Once fixed in position the tees do not move so allowing for rapid shot repetition (10 shots per minute)

The correct foot positions for every shot are made by stepping onto perfectly positioned footprints. Now you can practice all the shots - from cover drives to on drives, square cuts to pulls and sweeps as well as the full range of defensive strokes.

To add realism, the mat has a crease and space behind it to pitch a set of stumps.

As a coach you can give clear demonstrations of the shot in real time ,in slow motion and also in distinct stages. Youngsters can then practice the shot whilst you will find it easier to observe and identify problems of technique and then quickly correct them.

The cricket coaching mat weighs 14kg or about 30 lbs so is light and easy to carry, to move and to store.

Then by playing controlled matches you can keep everybody involved all the time and develop vital match skills of stopping, throwing, catching, backing up and running between the wickets.

You will soon start to develop a stronger junior section and win games that you may have previously lost as well as getting more fun and enjoyment yourself from coaching.