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Cricket Coaching Mat - Coaching Advice

You may be a coach on the ECB pathway looking for new and exciting ways to develop your coaching skills

You may be inundated with scores of youngsters all wanting to learn the game

You may be short of time to deal with such numbers and the surface you practice on may be less than perfect

"The coaching mat significantly reduces the length of time needed to explain the basics to young cricketers"
Stan Heaton, Lancashire Junior League Chairman

You might be a parent with a keen interest in the game and want your son /daughter to do well, to score their first 50 or century even or hit those match winning runs

You may even feel that due to sheer volume of numbers down at the local club your child is not able to make the progress they should be doing?

To make this possible included in the package is the Head Coach coaching CD which can be looked at and constantly referred to. This is a unique resource that appeals to every type of preferred learning styles.

Video demonstration straight drive - click for example
Audio CD guiding you on how to play each shot (square cut example)
Printed coaching diagrams moving out to drive - click for example

By watching the 16 videos you see how to play all the shots

By listening to the 16 audio tracks you can hear a coach explaining how to play them properly

By reading the coaching guide and looking at the pictures you get a clear understanding of how to play the shots better

And, here is the difference that makes the cricket coaching mat, according to both the South Shore and Idle cricket clubs:

"The best thing we have ever bought for our juniors"

You can practice every shot with this information fresh in your mind at any time of day or night and at any time of the year

Is it any wonder that clubs such as Blackpool say the results are "stunning".

Where can be the mats be used?

  • Use at home in the garden or on the driveway when the others in the team are not practising.
  • As part of your junior cricket sessions teaching a different shot each week.
  • Whilst a player is padded up waiting for their turn in a net.
  • After the net if you feel a particular shot needs further practice to iron out any faults.
  • On the day of a big match prior to going in to bat.
  • On the outfield creating a realistic game scenario for your squad of players:

Click here to see the various shots you can practice!